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I am looking to buy the new Balearic Islands (it looks fantastic, great job!) for X-Plane and was wondering if there is a list of the heliports added? Are they added as actual airports that can be navigated to via GPS with ICAO codes? I would like to add them to the database on FS Airlines but would need them to be actual airports as opposed to just geometry that can be landed on with no database entry.


Is there a map or list of these heliports?



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Hi there,


these are the four included with TE Balearic Islands, note the fictitious ICAOs:


ORB4 Museu de Sant Carlos
39.54744727  002.61977919 277.45 34.60 32.30


ORB3 Mallorca Military Base
39.57282869  002.59995625 115.66 30.50 37.00


ORB2 Hospital Universitari
39.60926897  002.64565085 179.39 38.50 33.10


ORB1 Hosiptal Can Misses
38.91743129  001.41938965 188.53 29.40 29.10


There's also a large helipad at a private villa on Ibiza, at N38.929115° E1.466335° but I'm not sure whether that has its own ICAO.


Cheers, Holger



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