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Hello. I have Prepar3d v5 on Windows 10 latest build. 16gb RAM. i7-6700. Nvidea gforce 980 4gb latest driver. Not o/clocked.

My Orbx software is Global Base. HD Trees. Open LC Europe. Regional scenery Scotland and England. 

I always get a prog crash if I try to land in London either Heathrow or City. My VRAM useage has never gone above 3.1 of 3.4. 

Is this a settings issue or something else?

I have not set anything to max. Are there recommended settings for Prepar3d v5 with these Orbx sceneries?

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I am reasonably certain that you will be running out of VRAM.

In my experience, only a slight spike is needed to push the limit and it

all crashes.


You could try my solution, which is to completely disable shadows.

For me, at least, this allows me to set reasonable levels in other

settings without encountering the VRAM limit.

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To the OP - you will need more VRAM ! - more the better with your CPU


I am a newbie with the V5 - 7 days and  have a new card with GB and crashed OrbyxTE Central 

SE of Liverpool - said I was OOM


I did what Nick suggested - closed all shadows - and all seemingly OK with most sliders to the right


I have just one problem now with Orbx in V5 - large saturation and dark patches - low and slow

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3 hours ago, John Maloney said:

Thanks folks. I'll try the shadow sliders first than think of a new card. Any suggestions for a reasonably priced 8 GB card?

Hi John 


Depends on where you are and what you call reasonable :rolleyes:


I bought the card I mention above - Rad 580 for $A289 3 weeks ago

No intention of buying bigger Vram - until MSFS is sorted and ? or it comes out for X box by Xmas

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