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preview Wycombe Air Park for Microsoft Flight Simulator - Pilot Plus

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We are pleased to announce that Wycombe Air Park will soon be released for Microsoft Flight Simulator! 



The Pilot Plus team are eager to create stunning locations for the new simulator, and explore everything the new simulator has to offer. Every new product will be compatible with MSFS, P3D and X-Plane. With the new MSFS offering a fantastic new way to enjoy general aviation flying, we are delighted to provide you with the perfect UK gateway.


Wycombe Air Park leverages the fantastic new rendering engine in MSFS and was built native for the simulator.


We can’t wait for you to explore Wycombe Air Park in MSFS.


Current Wycombe Air Park customers (XP & P3D) will be eligible for a discount on this product when released. More details on that will be announced alongside the product release.































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Great news,  hopefully we will see Bristol not too far away in the future. Always great to see these amazing sceneries brought into the next generation of simulation. Good to see the discount for current owners as well. Happy days!

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This airfield is lovely. I own it for XP11 and will buy this on day one. 

I hope other GA airfields come soon for MSFS. Developers are releasing some big airports, but the default airliners in MSFS are very bad, while the default GA aircraft are nice. 

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