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I chose the Icon to have a look around Orbx Orcas Island, & having learnt how to change the time 'on the fly', took a few paused shots while I adjusted the time of day.

The last shot was cropped & other than that, all shots were untouched/unedited etc

I also tried 'High' graphics settings, being  away from the cities, & had no stutter problems.

So far the Icon has been the easiest GA aircraft to fly.

Well suited to this location.


(MSFS/High G)


Dusk liftoff.



Daytime departure.



Same shot with time slid over to dusk.



Morning, front on.



Same shot timed at dusk.



Sunset. I really like the soft light & colors that are coming through without the need for shaders & other add ons.



Day time, showing some of the detail on Orcas Island



This shot tweaked my curiosity  - If you look closely there are at least 2 dwellings here with solar panels on their roofs.

Not sure if that is from MSFS or Orbx. This is down the end of the island, furthermost from the runway.



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