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active error message when starting MSFS2020

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I have installed MSFS to the default Program Files folder but when I try to run MSFS2020 I get an error message. When i check there appears to be nothing in the folder but when I check the app store it tells me the programme is installed. Here is the message I am getting.

error message 2020.jpg

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Hello Pat,

we can't help you with that, please try the FS forum and/or the Zendesk,

which you will find at the same link.

You could try uninstalling and reinstalling the whole Flight Simulator, which should just

remove the app part and not the larger core files part but at your own risk.

(It worked like that for me but no guarantees)

Or you could try moving it to somewhere else.

You can do both here:





I'll leave the topic open, just in case a fellow customer has seen the same and solved it.

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Hello Patrick

the error message is because FS2020 has not installed anywhere near what it needs to install. I bought the download and it installed roughly 700mb and that was it. I was given the option to PLAY........no chance. I uninstalled, reinstalled, uninstalled and so on and on and on it went. Never even installed 1Gb and MS2020 is about 127.1 Gb. Uninstalled it and got Microsoft to refund my money. Have now ordered the boxed version of MS2020 Premium Deluxe and shall install it that way. :banghead:

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The initial download should be around 998 Mb but this is a pre installer.  Once run it should then install the main download (around 92 Gig compressed).  Lots of people have been having problems with the pre installer.  You will have to check the MSFS2020 forums/Facebook page etc for info.  Regards.

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Thanks everyone. Thanks for the link Nick. I have downloaded the X-Box Beta and will try again tonight as I have medical appointments today and getting ready for a house inspection tomorrow so will be busy for the rest of the day.

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