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answered WOW !! New Brisbane Airport Runways with Aust V2 Update !!

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Thanks for re-doing Brisbane airport. Looks very good.


I have a minor problem. The Prosim 737 system has a separate Instructor Station (on a networked PC) on which you can display a map of where the aircraft is parked and currently flying. (Something like little NavMap) When I park at Brisbane (and only Brisbane) I have two silhouettes of the tarmac and taxiways leading to the runways, slightly out of register (at a slightly different angle)  

I presume Prosim is picking up two different AFCAD files or something?

What type of file should I be going in and turning OFF to keep the current one? I think having two could be confusing my GSX2 jetways as well.

Scenery wise, in the area, I only have P3dv4.5 HF3, Orbx AUS2, and Brisbane (all versions from the beginning) installed.


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