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Just the one ... TEGB and XP11.50b17 and Reshade

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Just a test shot of some on-going experiments with @renault, using MultiLUT files to try to iron out palette differences between various TE regions.


Note: the Saab (above) is correct - it's in the shade ;)


More info here in renault's thread.


Beta17 is performing beautifully on my system.



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9 hours ago, TigerTigerM said:

Are you running Orbx XP-11 Global TerraFlora??


Yes :)


Thanks to all for the nice comments ... work continues!


The idea is to create one single shader for use with Reshade - which will allow users to quickly select a custom palette for the Orbx TE area they fly in. Because TE areas may be derived from different satellite data, I think overall colouring appears (to me at least) to be slightly different per area - possibly also because the data was acquired from different seasons.



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2 hours ago, John Mac said:

Great shot Adam. Juts a quick question if I may. I used X-Vision up until now and have not tried the beta. After updating do the shaders still need manipulating?


To tell you the truth - I just don't know (!). I've had to run my XP without XVision while I develop/test the Reshade tweaks - as many of the functions would overlap and it would be a nightmare to cover all possible permutations. Also - the aim was to try to find a unified solution without payware add-ons.

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