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XP11.41, TE So-Cal, a B2 and a load of VRAM

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While I wait to try out KBUR in MFS next week, I went back there this afternoon in XP. I first went in the MV22 but managed to crash on landing (and I thought it was coming down at the correct rate of descent right up to the last moment) and so couldn't save the flight. Nowadays I tend to just fly, save the flight as a replay, and then I can mess around with views and screenshots with the replay. So when the flight restarted I switched to the B2 as I thought a low-level burn across LA in this might be fun.


I was running GPU-z on the second screen, as I was curious how much VRAM I might be using now over LA. It was always a hog, but I'd not checked since getting TE So-Cal. Turns out to be a bit scary! But as ever, these are all 4k, sliders and scenery pretty much maxed, and some very wide view shots.


Anyway, here's a few shots in case anyone is interested. Flight starts down the coast a wee way at Pendleton. Is it a bird? Is it a 'plane? Well, sort of.





Coming up on LAX



What with the aircraft geometry and the street grid layout you could probably teach Pythagoras from this shot



This was all fun at about 500 knots!



Heading towards KBUR



Approaching (the XP / SoCal default) KBUR



And this is the amount of VRAM in use at this point! (This shot is for you, @renault Pete. Scary, ain't it?)



Climbing out and away



Across the Simi Valley towards the coast





Out to sea to turn in for KLAX



Coming in a bit too fast, so . . .





And then, although it doesn't show up on the replays so not in the screenshot, Traffic Global decided it wanted to use that runway for a 767 so I had to evade!



Anyway, a nice afternoon out.  Enjoy!


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