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G'day Guys

First of all i would like congratulate the OBRX team on developing such quality Australian FSX scenery add-ons. Nothing short of absolutely amazing!  Im one of the lucky ones who's bought and installed all the products without a single hitch.  :D

Just wondering if anyone can point me in the direction of the freeware A22 FOXBAT ORBX Texture. I know it was mentioned in the forums a while back but it was PM'd to the requested user with no link given. Would appreciate if any one could send me the texture or at least let me know where to aquire it.

Also would the texture work for the fs2004 A22 FOXBAT? (VOZ 1.8 still keeps me going back) 

Any help much appreciated.



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I'm the one who did the A22 Foxbat paint with the FTX ORBX logos.  I did not upload it to any site.  I emailed the texture files to those who requested it.  Send me a PM from this forum and I will send you the files.  I only have fsx so i wouldn't want to even comment on using it for FS2004.

Posted Image


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G'day raymar99

Thanks so much for coming forward with my request. The ORBX livery looks amazing. I sincerely appreciate your time and effort with this paint and thus will not share with any third parties. Thanks once again.

Very much appreciated indeed.  ;D

Kind regards

P.S. Have PM'd you

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