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answered how do i do a "manual download"?

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hello Orbx Community
how do i do a manual download? from the website
because when i clicked the link to download a file manually, it redirects me to a fishy website
is this a broken download link?
is it just me or are there any other people getting this
so i clicked the link
then it redirected me to this fishy website with a picture of elon musk in it!
translation: sorry the site you want to visit cannot be found, check if you spelled the website name correctly

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I see this:




if my browser cannot find a target, which is my browser's default notification that a target cannot be found.


My guess would be that your browser has absorbed that web page from somewhere as a replacement  default notification.

It has nothing to do with Orbx at all.

You might want to review your own browser.


If I click on manual download, it downloads the file.


However, the better solution is to leave that page altogether and now that you have added the freeware to your account,

install it using Orbx Central, there is no longer a means to install manual downloads.








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