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active Terrain elevation issues

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To the team,

I am assuming that this is the right place for this enquiry, I am currently having an issue with a reinstall of my Orbx FSX products into Windows 10, having just ditched Windows 7, and I have installed Global, Vector and the Sth American LC and the Sth American LC Mesh so far, and the problem that I have encountered is that the area around Rio de Janeiro airport seems in some places to have created a long line of elevated terrain across the scenery, which is annoying as you will see from the photo, so I did not want to install any thing else until I got this sorted.

I did have this problem once before and one of your folk gave me some help in this regard and we were able to remedy the situation, but I can't remember for the life of me what it was that we did to fix it, I think it was Jaycee who came up with the solution, so as you can see I need your help to point me in the right direction, I have set up the settings in FSX according to the  parameters as listed in tips and techniques,  and I am installing all the Orbx scenery files from the Orbx Central list in the sequence as they are on the screen, so maybe I have missed something or not doing the right thing.



John MacDonaldAU

SP4 263483



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I am open to all or any suggestions, as I get older I can't seem to remember the things that worked for me when things went previously awry,

so his input will be very welcome to put me on the straight and narrow, so to speak,



John MD



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