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resolved Boulde City-61B : no airport building(all flat)

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In an usual way downloaded and installed via 'Central' the Orbx-scenery 'Boulder City airport-61B' , but when on the apron and in the air viewable the whole airport is flat without

buildings, only the groundlayout is to observe. I have Global Base, Vector and openLC Nth America up and running. All other US-airports are correct shown via current P3Dv4.5 :


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I think to have found the reason of flat represented autogen of the airport and maybe other parts in the regio of Boulder City:

After deselecting 2 scenery items the autogen is 'alive and kicking' in splendid as it should be:




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All area of Boulder City, Hoover Dam en autogen till the  Las Vegas area is correct when the 'rikooo' inputs are disabled.

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thank you for your answer!

To avoid any missunderstanding.

-Do you use Prepar 4.5 with Orbx OPLC SC Vector?

-if 61b is selected (on) and any other adon scenery in this area is deselected (off) in the scenery biblio, can you verify the describe lack of autogen only at the border to las vegas - see picture/topic you quoted, yes or no?

Thank you for your answer,

kind regards, Thomas

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