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Had to reinstall P3Dv5 and also Orbx again. In OG39 there is supposed to be buildings, and a horse and people at end of runway. They are missing! 

I installed all the global (Base Pack, Buildings, Trees HD, and Open Land Class NA) into the Main folder locations. All the rest I installed into the P3Dv5 folders. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks Walt and Happy Flying.

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4 hours ago, casper642 said:

Am I doing something wrong?

Hello Walt, have you also installed Object Flow into it's own folder/library seperate to all other Orbx scenery. It uses just 7mb in size. Terra Flora will also go there.

See Nick's post as a guide


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Hi Smudge. This is where my Orbx files from Central went....


Global Base, Buildings, Trees, Open LC North America And Object flow are in C:\users\walt\Orbx Library\


My Regions Central Rockies, Northern Ca, Pacific NW and Southern Ca and all my airports and Libraries are in E:\program files\Lockheed Martin\prepar3dv5


Sim Objects Display Engine is in C:\users\walt\appdata\roaming\Orbx\Central\SODE


I have a feeling something in not quite with this. Walt



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please try creating a new Orbx Central Library.

It can be anywhere but inside one of the folders created by a Windows installation

and of course not inside the simulator.

Try C:\Orbx Central Library.

Uninstall objectflow and reinstall it into your new library and see what happens.


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2 hours ago, casper642 said:

my Orbx Library folder is located in C:\user\walt\Orbx Library


Hi Walt, this is from Nick's post number 2


To install objectflow using Orbx Central, first an Orbx Central Scenery Library must be created.

This Orbx Central Scenery Library should not be the preinstalled "Main Library" in the Users folder

but a new Orbx Central Library, outside any of Windows' folders.


Your - Global Base, Buildings, Trees, Open LC North America can go into = E:\program files\Lockheed Martin\prepar3dv5, then create a new folder / library in a place of your choosing, it can be on C: drive, BUT, outside of Windows, such as C:/ObjectLibrary, then in Orbx Central, uninstall Object Flow from it's current location and reinstall into your new folder / library.

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