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Orbx Ireland and Northern Ireland possible purchase

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Hi Guys


Have really got into my flying again and now addicted to AirHauler 2.  I mainly fly in the UK and sometimes venture down into Europe, I fly with Orbx England,Scotland,Wales and Europe LC/Global.


I am now finding i fly to Northern Ireland/ Ireland quite a bit, can anyone give me an opinion if these two sceneries are worth getting?  I gather they don't have mesh included ?  Europe LC looks pretty good for these areas and wondering if its worth the purchase.


kind regards




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I'm not from the UK so I won't  comment on fidelity, however I personally enjoy Ireland very much.  I don't care all that much about mesh unless it interferes with airport altitude.  


I find Ireland flying relaxing.

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I'm wondering if Orbx have any plans to make an X-Plane version of Ireland? I'm very impressed with their GB scenery and Ireland would complement it nicely. There's a small sliver of Northern Ireland around Belfast that I think came with the GB North XP scenery so I'm hopeful that might mean that there are plans for the rest of the island.

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Hi Daz

Both Irelands look great

The land class work made here is outstanding

As MotoDave said is very relaxing, pleasant to fly these regions

Ireland is so green looks fantastic

You won't regret it




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