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EGNT - Hadrian's Wall Country

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Welcome to World Heritage Site Hadrian's Wall Country.. Emperor Hadrian had a wall built in AD 122 to keep out the northern raiders. It runs from coast to coast. In this picture the line of the Roman Wall follows the ridge to the left of the wingtip. The ridge is called The Sill. The road was built by General Wade in the 1740s to allow the redcoats to get around easier and is called The Military Road. The building at the bottom of the pic is The Sill visitors centre.. (with lockdown I picked a really bad time to renew my car park season ticket lol) Beyond the right wingtip is the ancient fort of Vindolanda - where many written letters have and are still being unearthed describing life in a frontier fort in the 2nd - 4th century CE. The river valley to the right is the River South Tyne between Haltwhistle and Hayden Bridge. The camera is looking west. Weather? Perfectly typical for a Northumbrian summer.


Lockheed Martin® Prepar3D® v5 07_07_2020 18_51_33.png

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wrong pic
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you can track the Wall from Carlisle Airport all the way almost to short final into EGNT! 


Oh and that crossroads can be found on Google Earth because of its name:


Once Brewed

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a very nice shot of this amazing wall thank you very much


ps  : for somebody you would like to travel back through time at this age, to read the famous "Memoirs of Hadrian" by the M. Yourcenar - in French it is a really beautiful narrative - I guess the translation is great too...

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