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I installed it and it is bug ridden. Hyd Press and Hyd Qty gauges jiggle and bobble around as does the Oil Pressure gauges for both engines. Master Caution light cannot be extinguished and the warning 'ding' is really annoying Same issue in P3dV4 and V5. Uninstalled and reinstalled with same out come. Uninstalled finally and will remain so until they fix it. Have notified them. 

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I have just updated my PRO version to v5 and Hyd Qty is stable. The Hyd Pressure jiggles a little and maybe normal? and the Master Caution light is extinguished with a press. So far looks very nice, fingers crossed.


I have not flown this aircraft for quite a while so need to learn the systems again The panel graphics look very nice. 


I will let you know if I see any further.





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22 hours ago, chumley said:

I installed it and it is bug ridden.



1. it is not, your simulator installation may be.

2. General Forums Rules:


3.    Advertisements, release announcements, sales, contests, affiliate links, and other promotions for other developers or companies are not allowed. Similarly, criticism, comparisons and adverse comments about other developers' products, including flight simulators are not allowed.


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