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active Central does not insert sceneries into P3Dv5

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Operating system:  W10

Simulator:  P3Dv5




Central does not seem to insert sceneries into P3Dv5. I can see them in Central but not in P3D Scenery Library.


Steps taken:


1. Installed P3Dv5

2. Ran it once - incl. test flight

3. Renamed 'p3dv4' folder to 'p3dv5' in Orbx library folder (I removed P3Dv4 anyway). It shows OK in Central and P3Dv5 shows up in dropdown active simulator selection - see attached screen 'central.png'

4. Re-installed Global from scratch

5. Ran P3Dv5 - no scenery seen in Scenery Library and in the sim itself - see attached screen 'p3dv5.png'

6. Restarted PC, tried again - no luck


It seems that either 'migrated' files and newly installed from Global BASE, does not make it to P3Dv5.



Do you have any advice on next steps?














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I have encountered about same issue in P3Dv5 vian my 2 most recent downloads: KBUR and TE-Oregon.

Not 'automatically' added to the scenery-list. I must myself tick-on both items that was indicated with at the bottom on the Add-ons.

I have the latest version of Central ->, the most recent version of P3Dv5(Client updated to actual version), Win10Pro is v1903(not yet the new v2004).

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