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active KSFF / surrounding airports elevation

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I installed KSFF Felts yesterday.  Afterwards it messed up airport elevations for KGEG and KDEW where the airport runways are higher than the surrounding terrain.  I have Vector, Base, Open LC NA, and TrueEarth Washington installed.  I check the Vector tool to disable airports, but neither of these airports were in either list?  

thanks in advance.

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Hi guys, KSFF doesn't touch any files around KGEG and KDEW, and the primary coverage doesn't extend further west than the I90 bridge. I would suspect that loading KSFF in Orbx Central has possibly triggered something else to load incorrectly, in which case I'll need to hand back to Nick or others who might be able to help troubleshoot that. 


The only thing that could be possibly causing a conflict is the 5m mesh, but I doubt this is the case as this was designed to work with the KGEG/KDEW airport files that shipped with the old Northern Rockies region (TE-Washington uses these same airport source files). If you want to run a test to check, go to your KSFF Felts Field\Orbx\FTX_NA\FTX_AA_KSFF\Scenery folder, and rename: 






If not, a couple of questions that might help troubleshoot further: 


1. Are you able to post a screenshot of both airports so that we can see what they look like? 

2. What airport elevation are you reading at these airports?  

3. Do you have any third-party mesh in addition to the Orbx products you mentioned? 



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Posted (edited)

Thanks guys.  I’ve now noticed that I have airport issues besides just the ones around Felts.  I haven’t flown to SE Washington before as I’m making a clockwise trip around the state.  I didn’t notice any airport elevation issues and only purchased KSFF when I was in Spokane, which is when I noticed the other two airports that I mentioned previously.  I wonder if it’s a Vector / TrueEarth issue instead of a Felts issue?


btw - Felts elevation is fine and I have the insertion points in the correct order

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