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Does existing bought airports get overwritten by Orbx?

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I am a potential buyer of a Orbx Scenery for South Germany. But my question is, if I install this scenery, is this overwriting my existing bought airports like EDDS (Stuttgart) or EDDM (Munich)? I definatly want to keep them. :-)

Thanks in advance.


EDIT: I am Using FSX Steam Edition and Aerosoft addons.


Manuel aka. Enjoyx

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"one" means "a person".

A person can disable the airports by searching the 05 folder for the ICAO code and renaming the files found to xxx.bgl.off.

Typically, there will be three files for an Orbx airport version.

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Hi Manuel:

If your airports are placed above the Germany Scenery in your scenery library and the developers included proper excludes they should work fine.



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