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SSD Vs HHD Performance FPS Help Needed

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Ok forgive me if this has been answered before but I know SSD is better then HHD however something I am not sure I understand that I hope you all can answer. P3Dv4 is installed on my SSD 1TB and P3Dv5 on my HDD. 


Now the question at hand. same settings on both same airport on both same scenery on both. Situation FPS locked at 40FPS on both.

P3Dv4 on SSD FPS at test airport 40 easy

P3Dv5 on HHD FPS at test airport 26-27.


Same aircraft as well. so question is why the FPS is so low on P3Dv5? My guess is that it is because it's on HHD but can someone just confirm that this would be the reason before I uninstall it again.



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