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4 hours ago, adambar said:

HQ set of shots. :)


Thank you very much, Adam! :) 


3 hours ago, musterpilot said:

Top shots




Thank you very much, John! :) 


1 hour ago, Iain Emms said:

Great set of shots.




Thank you very much, Iain! :) 

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16 hours ago, JohnnyJohnJohn said:

Another nice shot from down south.  Well done. :)  


Thank you very much, John! 


15 hours ago, lifejogger said:

Great shots!!!!!!!!


Thank you very much! 


7 hours ago, Jack Sawyer said:

I really really wish I could ditch P3D and go with XP but I'd lose so much.  But man, these are fantastic.


Thank you very much, Jack! Nowadays I don't feel I lose much in XP11. Things changed a lot recently: XP11.50 with amazing frame rates, XP Realistic with wonderful sounds, turbulence and crosswind effects, plus the unbelievable Orbx TE regions... For GA flying, nowadays I go for XP11 100% of the time, no regrets. For the big iron, well, nothing is better than PMDG. But... I can be happy with IXEG and ZIBO, they are more than good enough. Yes, we can't have everything. But for me XP11.50 was a game changer. Happy flights, Jack! 



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