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LOWI update 1.3.0 crash problem

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Hello friends, since i got the update 1.3.0 for LOWI i got crash problems on P3D V4.5 i can not even fly from the airport anymore coz of crash.. anyone else has this problem with this new update? and if somebody knows how it can be fix ? Thank you

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Well, taxiing works fine but when on the  runway and you start the roll there is a crash. Sometimes the crash follows direct after position the aircraft on the runway throuh the go to tab. Is there a elevation or height problem?

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I have the same problem. Can I provide any useful information to help solve the problem?


I have a fresh new system and I am installing the simulator ecosystem carried over from the previous pc.

The crash is an aircraft crash and it happens also with the default F22.

I tried if it was a conflict with FSGU2020 (since it was a new addon for me) by disabling FSGU. Didn't help.


Uninstalling LOWI 1.3.0 did solve the problem even with all other addons remaining active. All other active scenery addons are:

-FTX Base

-FTX Trees HD

-FTX Vector

-openLC Europe

-openLC North America

-openLC South America

-FTX Germany South

-FTX Germany North

-FTX Norway

-Orbx ESSA

-Orbx LDDU

-Orbx Libraries

-FS Global Ultimate 2020

(+ some airport addons further away)


Global addons:

-Ultimate Traffic Live

-Active Sky p3d v4

-REX 4 w Soft Clouds

-FTX Object Flow



I hope this helps. Fortunately, disabling crash detection works until a fix is found.


Best Regards


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Hi guys,

I have exactly the same problem with LOWI. My impression is, there are a lot of other customers with the same problem. I think, a quick solution from Orbx would be helpful.

So long ...

Best Regards


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although it is not the solution, disabling crash detection does not in any way detract from the flight simulator experience.

Perhaps a better way to simulate crash detection is to use an aircraft model that simulates the probable consequences

of an aircraft crash, rather than simply resetting the simulator to its default flight.

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