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answered KBUR initial issues and thoughts

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  • There's no parking space for UPS, so if you have AI traffic with UPS it'll park at the pax terminal
  • The pushback tugs located at some of the gates should be deleted since they're not realistic for this airport. Same with all the FedEx trucks.
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I’m on board with removing the fedex vehicles away from the passenger terminals as well as the pushback tugs too. Or you could even keep the pushback tugs not directly down the center of the spot and maybe offset them a bit that way we can fit the plane into the gate without the nose going through it. Thanks!

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@Matteo Veneziani


Congratulations for your KBUR release, which looks very nice indeed!


I would like to ask if it might be possible to add some more customisation options for the Orbx Central configurator? Like the OP has said, those big fat pushback trucks placed right at the nose wheel position on some gates seem to be a bit out of place for only pushing 737s. But more importantly, they make those stands useless if people want to use a pushback tool such as GSX, because your pushback truck leaves no room for the one from GSX.

So would it perhaps be possible to have an option to disable those? Or better yet, you offer two different density settings for ground support equipment? Some of the equipment you placed does interfere with other parts of GSX. So perhaps you could make some of them optional as well to leave some space at the gates for GSX? One setting with full GSE, and one with a thinned out setup and with the static pushback trucks removed. That would be perfect.


Also while performance at the airport is OK, it is not outright fantastic. I see there's a huge number of cars placed all around the airport. Perhaps you could also make it possible for users to select an optional reduced setting to have only half or a third of the cars visible? And most other Orbx scenery used to have an option to disable people to save some more performance. Would be great to see that here as well.


Thanks again for the great product and I hope you can take some of my suggestions into consideration. 

All the best, Markus

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First off, wonderful scenery, very impressed. Would also like to have the option to remove the tugs as I also use GSX. A feature request that would be great to see would be animating the passenger ramps for the aircraft. Believe another developer was able to do something similar to that on their scenery. Worked like a jetway. 

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I'll add a couple of observations as well.


For the taxiway lines and dimensions, when centered on the taxiway, the 737 winglet should go right up to the edge line next to runway 8/26 but not cross it.


Regarding the ground equipment also, there's several pieces of Southwest Airlines equipment by the B gates, as well as general aviation and cargo, where they only use A gates.  (Does Southwest even have pallet container loaders when they only have a fleet of 737s?)


See attached.





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Can confirm all the previous gripes, am a former Burbank air traffic controller. SWA only regularly parks at A1-7, and only rarely uses A8 and A9. So the SWA equipment isn't staged anywhere but A1-7. A8, A9 and the B1-B4 all have generic ground equipment from GAT (iirc). B5 has Alaska branded air stairs and equipment. This can be confirmed with various photos from @fly_bur on instagram. 


About gate size for you AI or static placement, A1-6 can only fit B737-700 and smaller. The -800s park at A7, A8, and A9. 737-900 can fit in B4 and B5, but nothing larger than a 737-800 in B3, and I never saw anything larger than a 737-700/A320 in B2 and B1.


Also for all you GA fanatics, taxiway B as a wingspan restriction of 79'. Meaning anything bigger than that needs to cross the runway to taxiway A in order to taxi to runway 15. 


If you're departing runway 33, taxiway G is only usable for wingspans 95 feet or less. Anything bigger must backtaxi from taxiway C. All departures from the terminal must back taxi to runway 33. 


If anyone has any other questions feel free to ask! Worked at Burbank tower from 2017-2019!

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As a former Airline employee (GAT) at BUR for about 7 years, everything @shanevan mentioned is 100% correct, Gates A1-6 cant accommodate anything larger than a -700, SWA parks their -800s at gate A7-9 as well as the occasional JetBlue A321. 

As far as the SWA ground equipment that is also incorrect being at the Bravo Gates and scattered all over the airport, all of the Bravo gates are staffed by GAT Ground Support employees and equipment. The Alaska Gate B5 is also handled by GAT but have their own branded GSE equipment,

As far as the rest of the scenery goes it is literally identical. If we can sort out these few minor issues this would be an exact replica of BUR.

On a side note, I'd love to see a UPS parking spot added like they have in the real world and some adjusting to the airline ramps so that our aircraft wont stick out onto the taxiway. 

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