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Revisiting Innsbruck - a tribute to Orbx

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Hi all


Of all the simulated flights I’ve done over the last 25+ years, I keep coming back to some places. One of those is Innsbruck, and with the Orbx rendition of LOWI, it’s always a great pleasure!


With Vulkan, the possibilities for what can be achieved in X-Plane has been pushed to new boundaries. Getting stable 30+ FPS on approach in the ZIBO 738 with such complex scenery is no small accomplishment!














The RNAV 26 appproach is a fairly challenging one - proper speed management is absolutely necessary here. In the 738, I find that starting the approach at 9500’ at around 185 knots flaps 5 prevents overspeed situations during the descent. At the final approach fix, around 160 with gear down and flaps 15 is a good target, reducing speed further to VREF and extending flaps further.

As for visuals - I’m not using any addons. Vulkan 11.50 beta 10 (beta 11 just came out btw!). I tweaked contract and color saturation in nVidia control panel. For clouds I’m using the amazing freeware Cloud Art which can be found over the the .org. Last updated May 27 - no issues with Vulkan.


It’s probably also worth mentioning that I’m using the standard ZIBO textures as the 4K variants occasionally can overwhelm the Vulkan VRAM management, causing CTDs.


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16 minutes ago, Jack Sawyer said:

Thanks, what program do you use for this?

Oh, I just used the photos app on my iPhone. Very simple to use. The effect is called vignette.

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5 minutes ago, flavik said:

Oh, I just used the photos app on my iPhone. Very simple to use. The effect is called vignette.

That’s it!  Vignette, for the life of me I couldn’t remember that effect.  Thanks.  Yeah, that’s a very cool effect that vignette, I like it.

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