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answered FSX-STEAM problem with FKBE - Fix attached

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Hello. Flying to Chobe River game lodge in Botswana and landing at Kasane north end of Botswana. This is how the airstrip looked. I verified Library and Africa and then ran Vector. Did not fix it. Kasane in P3DV5 is fine no problems 2020-6-11_18-2-7-102.thumb.jpg.b829482a944d27ad7d753bfa3f96a4a3.jpg

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a little bit of research points to the error being in the default simulator.

In FSX, FBKE is at 2390 feet.

In the real world, it is at 3290 feet.

This looks like a simple typo by a Microsoft developer long ago.


Lockheed Martin have reviewed all the airports for P3D v5 and no doubt found this mistake and fixed it.


Your assumption that the fault lies with openLC Africa is flawed, as there is no version of FBKE included in it.

The mesh that is included does exacerbate the problem but it is not the cause.

There are no Vector files for FKBE which excludes Vector as a cause.


It is interesting that only the runway in your image seems to be at the wrong elevation, whereas the entire unmolested default airport is.




I have corrected the typo and now it looks like this:




Files attached, be sure to put them in the right places.



FBKE correction.zip

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  • Nick Cooper changed the title to FSX-STEAM problem with FKBE - Fix attached

Thank you very much. Got it fixed. I used to go to this place quite a bit with my parents growing up in South Africa.  If you ever get a chance to visit the Chobe River game lodge it will be a experience you will never forget. I learnt to ski on the Chobe river amongst the crocks and the hippos. I also did some Tiger fishing. Awesome place saw some ot the larges Elephants I have ever seen in my life at Chobe.   Maybe someday someone will come up with a rendering of the lodge and place it in Orbx. Now that an IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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