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Due to serious disk crash I had to totally reinstall Windows

XP 11 being on a separate drive, it didn't require reisntallation and works fine with many addons installed


Now, upon reinstalling Orbx Central, it won't "see" XP11...isn't there anyway to avoid resintalling XP for proper detection (some manual setup maybe to "show" it XP11)


Thx !



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Is there a setting in Orbx Central to point it at your XP11 install in case that might be the issue, possibly! I am not at my Windows PC at the moment to be able to check for you.



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I think it uses the installer file to locate X-Plane 11.


In the folder: C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Local


You should have a file called: x-plane_install_11.txt


That should contain the path to your X-Plane folder. Mine has the following in it:


E:\X-Plane 11/

If you lack that file, I believe running the X-Plane updater will create it for you. Alternatively, you can create it yourself in Notepad.

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