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answered Fall City Wn opens in deep canyon

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Anyone have an idea what causes this and how to fix? I've installed a number of Orbx files without issue, but both Darrington Wa and Fall City Wa come up with variations of this.





I run in FSX (boxed). I have FEX, UTX, and Washington State MegaScenery (un-checked)


Purchase #:  5ed6c7e59ee70

Acer Predator P03-600

Intell Core i7-8700 CPU @3.2GHz  3.19GHz


Win 10

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Thank you, Smudger


No; I don't have Vector. After your post, I looked it up, and although I'm not certain what it does, it also requires Global Base Pack. Do you suggest I get these?


Before I found Orbx, I had installed a large number of MegaScenery files, esp for the West coast. Do you know if Vector & Base Pack will conflict with those? Also, if you'll excuse my arrogance for multiple questions, does MegaScenery generally conflict with Orbx scenery?

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51 minutes ago, cheeselo said:

does MegaScenery generally conflict with Orbx scenery?

Hello cheeselo,

Apologies there, as to have Vector you would also require Global Base, and I will certainly excuse your multiple questions, unfortunately I have no experience of MegaScenery, but if you go to the Orbx Compatability forum and enter MegaScenery into the Search box top of page there are many posts.

Here is one by Nick Cooper which says that they are not compatable.


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