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Hope this is the right place. My P3D4.5 is on drive E: Samsung SSD 850 PRO 1TB. With all my Orbx stuff it's using 357GB currently, leaving 596GB free. My D drive, WD 1TB HD, is almost empty, only 15GB on it.


Question...should P3D5 go on E, alongside P3D4.5 where, subject to further Orbx stuff, it would presumably consume another circa 357GB, leaving around 240GB free?


Or should I put P3D5 on empty drive E, the 1TB HD? I'm aware that loading times are slower than SSDs than HDs...but dramatically slower? I also understand that once a P3D scenario is loaded and running there's no difference from SSD.


So, I'd really appreciate some advice, or even actual experience from anyone who has this same issue.


Thans, Don.

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Hello Don,

I would think that the choice is yours.

I do understand that the alleged performance degradation of an SSD is

in the Write, rather than the Read, which is all that will be happening to yours.

There is most certainly longer to wait for scenery to load in the first instance,

but it seems that the insistence that there is a performance gain is limited to

those who have spent a great deal of money on their SSD.

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I have a similar situation. My C drive is a small SSD of only 250GB. My D drive is a hard drive of 1 TB. I have installed my P3DV5 on the D drive just as I have all earlier versions with no problems. I keep all my addon aircraft and Orbx scenery in a separate file outside P3D on the D drive, again with no problems. Even my non Orbx scenery is kept in a file outside P3D. You just have to be careful when adding new aircraft or scenery that you point the installer to the proper file. I find V5 loading a little faster than previous versions of P3D. The first start of P3D of the day takes about 5 minutes, but I have a lot of Orbx and other addon scenery. After that, if I shut down P3D but keep the computer running, the next start of P3D is only about 2 minutes. 

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