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answered Scenery Animation Manager order in Scenery_Packs.ini


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I bought and installed three Orbx True Earth products UK North, Central and South. Now I have two SAM files in my Custom Scenery that I cannot recall having previously. x_SAM_Library and x_SAM_WorldJetways. My issue is that I manually move them to my libraries section of the scenery_packs.ini file however on next start they just go back to the top again. I thought that the "x_" at start of file name would automatically take care of that.    Any suggestions please.

Cheers  Dan

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There are a couple of issues with SAM neither of which have any detrimental impact on XP running fine.

The newer version of SAM was placed in the Resources folder whereas the older version was just a Library placed in the Custom Scenery folder. Either option is fine. I have the newer version and it would always place the resources/plugins/SAM link at the top of the scenery_packs. I moved just the Library portion of SAM directly into the Custom Scenery folder and now it always places the entry of SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/SAM_Library/ at the top of the scenery_packs:lol:

Why it does that i don't know. It is only a matter of aesthetics trying to get it to move down the scenery_pack with the use of a prefix like "X"

It's not an Orbx issue more of a SAM/XP issue but has absolutely no impact on the XP operation.The only Orbx introduction of SAM was with the addon airports of Edinburgh and Leeds/Bradford to allow the jetways movements at a couple of the Gates. If you are not bothered about moving jetways then you can always uninstall SAM. This is only referring to the Orbx addon airport use of SAM. You may well have other non Orbx addons that require SAM to be installed.

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