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active Temporary ground texture blurriness

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I have a crazy thing happening to me and my simulator. I have never experienced this before. I use P3DV5 with the Hotfix and also all of my Orbx and TOGA PROJECTS together.

I will be flying along in any plane does not make a difference which plane I am in, after a while look out the window and see the ground has gone blurry. I then switch to outside view any 

outside view and my ground is back in focus!!! sharp as ever. Back in the cockpit looking out the window all looks normal again. I can also get the terrain to look sharp again by pushing either the F9 key or my F11 key which are the default keys for outside and inside the cockpit. 

I have had the blurries before but never like this. Has anyone else experienced this in P3DV5??? or could anyone explain to me why this is happening? Thanks!!!


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It was always like this, in v4 too. Maybe not for you but i saw this behavior since v3. I do a lot of longhauls and if i let the sim run hours while in vc the terrain is noticeable more blurry than if i would have let it run in external view.


Even the distance in external view matters. If you let it run zoomed in its also more blurry as if you let it on the highest or second highest zoom level (Spot view).


Why, i dont know...



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