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Hi guys, 


Your KEGE looks like it should be - I've attached a quick shot from my setup in the same rough spot. 




If you'd prefer to have a higher level of asphalt noise/detail, I've attached a replacement set of textures. Just note - whilst these will increase the noise level, it will come at the cost of the larger-scope variety in runway/apron textures (something that is more visible from the air). Just drop these into your 

KEGE Eagle County Regional Airport\Orbx\FTX_NA\FTX_AA_KEGE\Texture folder

(make sure you make a backup copy of the original textures first). 


Replacement asphalt textures pictured below: 




For KSFF - are you able to post a screenshot of what yours looks like? 





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It's a (more or less) known issue with P3D v5, reported in other threads. Essentially, v5 makes runway/taxiway polygons more transparent that v4 and earlier versions, so the underlying lower-res ground polygon shows through the higher-res runway/taxiway textures.


When you look at the taxiway lines/markings, you can see that they are there, but hardly visible due to the transparency issue. Let's see if the highly-anticipated hotfix 2 for v5 helps. If it does not, then I suppose we'll need to ask Orbx devs to revisit the issue...

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I've also noticed it at 11S, 0S9, KORS, 1S2 and 3W5. Things seem fine at S43, though. Perhaps different techniques were used to overlay the runways/taxiways at different airports, so it'd be great if Jarrad could chime in on that from a technical perspective.


Here's an example from 1S2. It doesn't look too bad in terms of resolution, but you can clearly see the shape of an airplane from the underlying photoreal background showing through the apron texture:




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