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active Object Flow KERNELBASE.dll error on P3Dv5 Sim exit

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Though there has been some chat about this problem in the  "P3DV5 CTD ESSA ESSG"  topic in this forum, this issue applies to all Orbx operations in P3Dv5 as far as I can tell and should carry a more specifc topic for others to view.  In addtion, I have noted below additional information on when the error shows up.


Here are my observations:  I have noticed that a  KERNELBASE.dll error sometimes occurs when I close P3Dv5HF1.  I first noticed this using Object Flow 3.0.2.   I then opted into Fastlane and now have the 3.0.4 version of Object Flow.  Unfortunatlely, the KERNELBASE.dll error on P3Dv5 exit still occurs given certain conditions.  If I close the sim while at any separate Orbx payware airport (based on several tests), then the error occurs.  If I do not visit any Orbx Payware airports then P3Dv5 does not experience the KERNELBASE.dll error on P3Dv5 exit.   In fact, the KERNELBASE.dll error seems to only occur if I close the sim while at or within 15 to 20 miles or so  of an Orbx payware airport.  It doesn't matter what other locations I have visited during the trip.  The error only occurs based on the location I am at when I close P3Dv5:  if I am at or close to an Orbx payware airport - error occurs on sim close, if I am not close to an Orbx payaware airport - no error occurs when I close the sim. 


Most users probably wouldn't notice this error unless they checked the Windows 10 Event Viewer because P3Dv5 does close down its window and the app terminates.  However, I use GoFlight instruments and the GoFlight data bridge icon stays open on the desktop taskbar when P3Dv5 doesn't finish its shut down sequence which would include shutting down the databridge.  I can easily shut down the GoFlight Databridge manually but obviously the Object Flow code that generates the KERNELBASE.dll error needs to be fixed.  I should mention that if I turn Object Flow off, this error on close does not occur regardless of what airport I am at or near.  Also, with Object Flow on, this error still occurs even if the GoFlight driver is not enabled.


Note: All testing has been done within the TE US Washingon area though this issue occurs even with TrueEarth US Washington off and just PNW active. 



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Interesting topic, I'm dying to see what's causing this. I do have those KERNELBASE.dll errors as well but can't see any pattern and I don't have any airports installed. So maybe there is a different cause.



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