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Hi Everyone,


     I know that this is not an Orbx question but more of a light issue with the ERJ 145 Beacon Lights Strobe Lights Not working on this aircraft from Feelthere. A while back Feelthere ported over the ERJ 145 to preapr3dv4.5. I bought this aircraft about 8 months ago and have went around and around and around with Feelthere are how to fix this issue. They are not helpful at all and do not seem to careabout fixing the issue. I am not the only customer having issues with this alot of people on their forum are having issues and feelthere is not helping but sending vague responses like you have to test and retest and test so MORE..... what does that mean? they wont answer. So I decided to post here and since Orbx people are talented and awesome Maybe you guys could help me figure this light issue out because i have tried everythingand Feelthere doesnt seem to care... Does anyone have this ERJ 145from feelthere and have had those issues and have fixed it any tips would be great.. Some say its because of the default lights in Preparv4 not working with the ERJ so I have no clue and dont even know where to start. I hope I am not stepping out of bounds here and that someone can help me find a solution to this problem and knows how to deal with aircraft lights not working at all none of becaon nav and strobe are not working at alll Thanks. Below is what the aircraft looks like when flying in air no lights working...Thanks




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Hello Edwin,

you are quite right, this is not the right place for support for someone else's product.

Here is some general advice.


If you are lucky, the lighting will be referenced in the aircraft.cfg file.


This is the kind of thing you should be looking for.





//Types: 1=beacon, 2=strobe, 3=navigation, 4=cockpit, 5=landing

light.0 = 3, -0.5, -18.1, 2.5, fx_ga_navredm
light.1 = 3, -0.5, 18.1, 2.5, fx_ga_navgrem
light.2 = 1, -6, 0, 1.85, fx_ga_beaconb
light.3 = 3, -18.25, 0, 0.6, fx_ga_navwhih



Then you should go to your effects folder and look for those effects, to make sure that they are not missing.

They will not have the same names as in this example, developers are fond of giving them their own names.


If you are not lucky, the lighting will be a part of the aircraft model and not so easy to identify.

Either way, as long as you are sure that you have correctly operated the aircraft and all the switches are in the

right places, you are probably missing the effects files that make the lights work.



Good luck.

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