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active Scenery around Anchorage really strange in v5 ?

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I have Global and Landclass NA installed in P3D v5 and notice that the mountains south of Anchorage are really strange, brown mountains with few trees, green and zero snow in May.  If I fire up P3D v4 with the same Orbx products installed the mountains are rocky and green with snow caps.  Any ideas why this is happening?

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I have Global, openLC NA, S Alaska region, HD trees and Terraflora v2. There is definitely something amiss, but I don't know if this is a P3D or Orbx problem. Compared to P3Dv4, this looks absolutely horrid. Looks like the desert southwest and not Alaska. Also, autogen appears missing in the city of Anchorage. In other areas, off-shore oil wells are floating in the air.


The area around Juneau also isn't right. It looks like low res textures under vegetation is showing or something. I've verified all scenery and synced everything, but the problem persists. Landclass with v4 was always sharp and colorful with snow capped mountains.


For us GA flyers, this is a bit disappointing. Maybe someone with more knowledge than me can take a look and comment. I wonder if things will improve with the next hotfix, or if there is something that Orbx can do with an update?


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you do not seem to be describing the product, so probably there is something wrong.

Perhaps you could upload a picture or two, with Shift +Z visible coordinates and we can take a look.


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2020-5-30_21-5-46-743.thumb.jpg.6206515e360669317cccf8b460e1afe9.jpgI was having a test run over Anchorage and are. Are you seeing what I am seeing in my photos. I am using Pilot's new mesh.2020-5-30_21-6-3-170.thumb.jpg.3709885d7faf5712abf0cc38ff497f3f.jpg

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