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Hyja all,


I installed LYBE in the first time into the libary, but i was not happy with it, so i uninstalled an installed it in the p4d directory.
After that i get error messsages 

Did the sinc simulator, but the below message still stay


Where to delete this ?




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Hiya Nick,


This is in there

<?xml version="1.0"?>











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Hi there,

I'm having a similar issue where objectflow searches xml files into "D:\Prepar3D v4\D:\Addons\....\" which is obviously wrong.

The path is correct in the OF_CONFIG.xml file and correctly starts with "D:\Addons\...\" as expected.

This happens with AUv2 since the latest update.

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I solved it this way: deleting the contents of OF_Config.xml then click the "Sync sim" button in central and the issue disappeared.


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I solved this issue slightly differently after I got a path error for FTX AU.


Apparently there is no object flow .xml file in the scenery folder FTXAUv2_05_SCENERY so i went in and deleted the appropriate path statement from OF_Config.XML.file.

Note: there is an object xml file in the following folder: FTXAUv2_04_CS-MELBOURNE, so I left the path statement for this one alone and did not delete it.


This error only occurred after i recently updated Object flow and FTA AU in Orbx Central yesterday.

Obviously things went awry with the latest Orbx updates.





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