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I believe this is what you are looking for as an order # Transaction ID: 5941dbaa2e083


I am unsure how to classify this problem. I recently upgraded to P3D 4.5 and of course needed to complete a fresh install. Once the simulator was installed and checked (started up) computer restart complete; basically everything you are supposed to do with a fresh install; I began installing Orbx from Orbx Central. I have several products and began with the libraries then base and so on. I started the simulator after each install, then restarted the computer before completing the next install. After installing North America I installed Chaseplane (having completed the process to transfer my registration or whatever it is you call it). I started the sim and got an error message that a file was missing; I'm sorry, I don't recall the file missing, but a quick search revealed that it was an easy fix, just rerun the client installer and you're good to go. So I did, and it was good, but all of my Orbx scenery was gone. I restarted the pc, but the scenery was still missing. During my upgrade I had a few issues and had to reinstall P3D a couple of times, each time having to reinstall Orbx. I figured this was because I was installing Orbx directly to the sim instead of in a library folder (The two options you are given when choosing to install through Orbx Central). So I decided to install into a library folder this time. After installing libraries and Base, I moved on to North America. When the download completed I went to the drive where P3D was installed to close the folder for a restart and all of my files were gone. Let me be clear on this; I installed P3D on an extra drive in my pc. This drive also had Steam installed, as well as thousands of files related to my video content for my YouTube Channel; they are ALL GONE. Not hidden, I checked; System restore did not bring them back. In the P3D folder where P3D was installed (one of only 4 folders that for some reason remained in the drive) the only thing in there is an Orbx folder containing a folder for FTX AU. That's it. Everything else is gone. I did nothing else that could have altered anything. I ran my virus scan; there are no viruses on my computer. I had hundreds of gigs of stuff in there that is gone. Does anyone have any idea what happened; and has anyone had a similar issue. I will try to attach a string of pictures showing each folder within the P3D folder; note that in the first picture "program files" has a steam folder that is empty, "Videos" is empty, and Orbx libraries has several folders and files for scenery (this is the folder I created for the downloads). 








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