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answered TE Washington, several issues I cannot solve.

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 Hey y'all, great scenery in many ways, and I'm sure this is just a "thing", but, any ideas on how I get rid of this? It appears that when I fly over "some" areas the new textures disappear and the old Orbx PNW show through. NOTE I do not have any other third party add-ons/airports/nothing in this area. Do I need to disable PNW?


My video of the issue


Also, I have this at KTCM after TE Washington was installed, it's like a wall of terrain textures? is there some texture missing?:







Also, I have blurry terrain textures, roads and grass and stuff, the houses and building seem to be ok, as well as some of the photo-real stuff...except for the disappearing stuff in my video.


Any ideas?


I have verified files from this scenery and the libraries, 

I have Lukla, but I have the very latest files for that, and have checked the updater.

I have run the insertion point tool.

I get pretty good frames, just a lot of strange stuff going on.



Rob C

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I fear I may have stumped you guys with this one.


 I wonder whats the best way to disable TE Washington without uninstalling it? I want to wait until some of these issues are fixed before using it.


Can I just "disable it" in P3Dv5 somehow? If so, what precisely do I have to disable to get this done.



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Hi Rob 


Please see my post below, which I think will help with some of your problems. 


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Hi Rob,


I'll make a note to check out KTCM and to fix it if I can replicate the problem here.

As for the rolling up PR imagery I have just replied in the other thread.




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