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active Lee On Solent - EGHF - Runway Display Error

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Hi all.


Just built a new PC and installed everything from new, I went to fly from EGHF "Lee On Solent", the runway is not displayed correctly Fig 1. I have run Vector Auto Elevation and configured Global Base etc according to the guidelines. Also  installed is FTX England and nearby EGHI Southampton airport. (sorry not having flown from here before I cannot say if it was like this before the new build.)


Fig 3 is the same in Orbx TE Great Britain South.


However all displays correctly in P3D v 5.0 as seen in Fig 2.


I have 2 libraries one for each version of P3D.


FIG 1 : - P3D V 4.5



FIG 2 : - P3D v 5.0



Fig 3 : - P3D v 4.5 Orbx TE Great Britain South


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Add TE GB S info.

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I found this at the Italian forum, I don't know what has happened since.



Ciao Maurizio, è stato individuato il problema, non della bassa risoluzione delle textures, che invece sono considerate normali, ma per l'aeroporto EGHI che interferisce con EGHF. Lo sviluppatore è stato messo al corrente e dunque non resta che attendere presumibilmente un fix.

Vorrei anche ringraziare particolarmente @Sascha Normann che è riuscito a capire dove intervenire, perché non era affatto semplice.




Hi Maurizio, the problem has been identified, not of the low resolution of the textures, which instead are considered normal, but for the EGHI airport which interferes with EGHF. The developer has been made aware and therefore all that remains is to wait presumably for a fix.
I would also particularly like to thank @Sascha Normann who managed to figure out where to intervene, because it was not easy at all.


@Sascha Normann

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Thanks Nick,


A search on the forums reveals this problem has been around since 2014, that's 6 years :wacko: one would think it should have been fixed by now albeit may not be a very used airdrome? I am very reluctant to attempt the fix outlined as I have my files in a library not the P3D folder. 


Posted January 20, 2016

Hello Les,


I have come up with a solution which is not elegant but does work.

It seems that there is indeed a conflict between the EGHI addon and the EU England


It has been reported before, in 2014 but regrettably no-one answered.


My solution is to go to Orbx\FTX_EU\FTX_EU_ENG_05_SCENERY\scenery and search

it for EGHF.

This will find three files





Cut them from that folder and paste them into your Orbx\FTX_EU\FTX_AA_EGHI\scenery


This will result in both airports displaying as they should.





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