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active EGSG Stapleford Iconic Treeline Anomaly - XPlane

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I agree they look odd and unrealistic compared to the other trees in the vicinity. However, I believe it a trick of the light. I demonstrate that in the 2 pics below.

The first is where the whitish sky is appearing behind the thinly leafed tree, and the second pic is the same tree without the sky in the background





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I take your point. I myself am able to display the trees at particular angles that make them appear correct..But I think their is most definately something going on with the texturing/alphas/masks or something around the trees included with the Stapleford scenery.  As I use this airfield a lot I noticed this instantly after the TEGB updates.


I have included some more screen shots from around the airfield for reference.



EGSG Stapleford006.jpg

EGSG Stapleford007.jpg

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