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answered KGPI Glacier Park and SODE 1.70 incompatibility: EDP missing

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Hi Greg, hi Orbx,

Jeffrey, the SODE developer, kindly allowed me to beta test the new SODE 1.70 during the last weeks but just after release I found small incompatibility with the wonderful Glacier Park airport and SODE 1.70. It totally slipped through on my end and I am sorry for not informing you earlier. But it should be a rather simple fix:

The new SODE version will be stricter with environment/weather-dependent SimObjects. The airport configuration requires an “EnvironmentalDataProbe”simobject. Without the EnvironmentalDataProbe, no environment/weather-dependent SimObject will be displayed in the simulator. The log will now list errors such errors. An example for KGPI:

[10:12:53.567] ERROR SODE.FSLOOP : EDP dependent SimObject [SODE_KGPI_GP:KGPI_GP] will not be injected because EDP does not exist/or SimObject is not defined in ClientList!

Without the EDP will the groundpoly and other EDP-depended SimObjects not displayed in the sim.

Hope this helps you a bit to update the SODE configuration for KGPI.


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Would this cause ground textures and the like to go missing like an Object Flow problem?  That's what I'm facing right now.  Every other Orbx airport works just fine but KGPI is giving me fits over missing scenery items.



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On 5/19/2020 at 3:13 PM, Nick Cooper said:

Yes, we are working on it now and it seems to be fixed.

Hi Nick - are you saying this is fixed and released? I'm seeing terrible ground textures at KGPI and have SODE 1.7.1 installed (P3dv5). 


I've been looking at the other ground texture threads around KGPI relating to ObjectFlow but they don't seem to be relevant to me (at least I don't think so).




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Hello Graeme,

yes, it is fixed and released. The problem was with SODE and not objectflow.

I installed KGPI into P3D v5 and saw just what you do.

It turns out that SODE 1.7.1, although installed, was not registered in P3D v5 and now I see this.

Note that you must also be able to see the SODE drop down menu items that I show in the image.

If you don't, it means that it is not working.






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