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Pilot Plus

release Welcome to EGGD Bristol International Airport!

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Welcome to Bristol International Airport, now available for Prepar3D V4 and V5!


Bristol International Airport opens a world of possibilities from a regional airport in the heart of the south-west of the UK. Whether you want to perform phenomenal air displays, journey to tropical long-haul destinations or complete a large number of domestic routes, Bristol Airport has it all.


Despite its short 6,500ft runway, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner frequently takes to the skies on long haul journeys to Florida, Mexico and the Caribbean, taking many to these sun-drenched destinations. easyJet, Ryanair and TUI have all made Bristol Airport their home, with hundreds of routes in your favourite A319, A320, Boeing 737 or 757.



Bristol Airport is more than just an international airport to over 9 million passengers per year. It is also the home of Bristol & Wessex Aeroplane Club for hundreds of student pilots or enthusiasts to take to the skies in smaller GA aircraft. Furthermore, the famous Red Arrows often start and end their mesmerising aerobatics shows from Bristol Airport when entertaining thousands on the local beaches of Weston-Super-Mare.


The developers at Pilot Plus originate from Bristol meaning this is a scenery close to their hearts. This passion has driven the team to create a truly authentic look and feel to the airport, exploring smaller details that only those familiar with the airport would notice. The beautiful PBR texture work, extensive 3D modelling and seamless experience with Orbx TrueEarth Great Britain South will immerse you fully into this community airport.


With so many routes and a huge variety in the types of aircraft that visit Bristol Airport in the real-world, this is truly a definitive place to explore in the world of Prepar3D.

Amazing journeys really do start here.


Available here: https://orbxdirect.com/product/pilotplus-eggd 



  • Pilot Plus Definitive replication of Bristol International
  • Adaptive seasonal vegetation
  • Detailed texturing and PBR
  • High fidelity ground with crisp surrounding Ortho-imagery at 12.5cm per pixel
  • Atmospheric and dynamic night environment
  • Detailed and accurate 3D models with raytraced occlusion and reflections
  • Authentic taxi signs and lighting
  • Perfectly blends with Orbx TrueEarth Great Britain South






















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I LOVE this product! I've just seen that it's been updated to V1.0.1, can you post a change log as to what changed?


Wondering you could you add the stands that go missing due to Static Aircraft but I fly on Vatsim and turn off Static Aircraft, but I'm still not able to use the stands? (Such as Stand 1 for example)


P3D V4.5HF3

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That's great to hear!

P3D Bristol version V1.0.1 was a small update for P3D V5 users, solving a few bugs. We'll make note of that for a future update! 




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Hi I have just bought EGGD (Bristol International ) alongside all the UK scenery and a few other airport, however the Bristol airport keep coming up as "There was a problem loading the scenery  package: pilotsplus_EGGD_bristol_international_Definitive/


Any idea why this may be







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The team have now fixed this issue in our latest hotfix for 11.5 Vulkan, when it is available over the coming days you will receive a notification through Orbx Central.

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