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resolved openLC North America conflicting with AI

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Hey guys,


I seem to have run into an issue where after initially creating a flight p3d 4.5, my AI traffic seems to slowly disappear an hour or so into the flight. I recently purchased openLC North America and it's only happened since then. I've tried without the LC loaded and it everything goes back to normal..... has anyone else noticed something like this?

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welcome to the forums.

openLC North America is a set of replacement textures.

I think it is fair to state that the installation of scenery textures is not the cause of your problem,

even though it was the last thing that you did.

Whether it is possible that there has been a small increase in load for the simulator that might

contribute to this, I cannot say. I have never seen this question asked before.

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Hi Nick!


Yes I'm beginning to think the same.... I'm currently doing another test flight after having uninstalled all the FSDT scenery which I got last week, and reinstalling LC NA... so far it seems to have fixed itself.


Feel free to close this post as I don't think it is needed now.







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