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Global openLC Africa Mesh and Photoreal Freeware question

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Not sure where to post this question, so move it if needed please.


I already have Open LC Africa, do I need this freeware?  I have many beautiful free airports that blend in very well with Orbx land class and the current mesh (whatever it is).  I wonder what this download (the mesh) will do to these free airports.  I would hope a functioning uninstall routine comes with this download.


- Open LC Africa owners should download this for photo real?

- Mesh could possibly render free airports unusable?



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Hi Nick, I compared OLC Africa and the freeware package, and they both contain the same 50 files (3GB) of mesh.


Should I be installing the freeware package if I already have OLC Africa? The requirements for the freeware package according to Central is to have OLC Africa installed.



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