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Hi everyone, I am in desperate help regarding screenshots on P3DV4.5


Before i reinstalled P3D My screenshots had full colour and looked great. Now that i have reinstalled P3D My screenshots look washed out When i press F12

F12 Screenshot





And when i press Printscreen they look like this:

And when i press Printscreen they look like thisThey always used to look like the bottom one but now they always look like the top one (washed out) Is there any fix to this? 

This is driving mme crazy and i really need help it worked before why is this not working now





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We need more info!!! A few questions for you (!!)


1) Is this 4.5 or 4.5 Hotfix?

2) Have you recently updated your graphics drivers (nVidia<?>)?

3) If so, have you reapplied your old settings in the Control Panel (Windows applet - not P3D).

4) Have you checked your HDR brightness/saturation settings?

5) Have you tried saving in different formats - TIFF/JPG/PNG to see if, for some reason, your system is applying some colour profile to one and not the other?

6) Are the screenshots different to what you're seeing "in-sim"?


I'm presuming you're not using any additional shader modes etc.



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