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answered Major issue with Orbx vector configurator

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no matter what i do i cannot fix this issue 


when i run the auto configuration for the airport levels it fails with the message auto configuration has failed to complete 


i have never had this issue before, also i have verified all my Orbx products checked firewall check uac nothing i do can fix it 


please help 

Thanks in advance


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3 minutes ago, Jay24 said:

it a fresh install but i have loaded it up after installing Orbx 

Hello Jay, as Stewart has mentioned, you should have run P3D up to the flight screen and then closed it at least once BEFORE opening Orbx Central and installing your scenery :huh:

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Hi Doug,


I started to experience the same issue with Auto configuration since, this morning. please find attached snap shot. I tried the re-syncing function via settings too and no joy yet. Also, .Net framework, 2,3 and 4 are installed and enabled. Not sure what causing it. These are steps I tried:

  • verifying the files for vector.
  • uninstalled and re-installed Orbx library.
  • ran the sim (P3d V4.5 - ver
  • after closing the sim, ran the auto config again. same issue.
  • uninstalled vector and re-installed it in a different location (G:\Orbx Library\p3dv4\Global VECTOR) but, still no joy.









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I have the same issue. It occurred after installing True Earth Washington and I've never had it before. I have verified My Vector install and have all the net Framework versions installed. It occurs whether or not my antivirus is active  and I run the tool as administrator.

I've just read the vector elevation configuration tool has recently been re written or updated and was wondering if we should wait while this is looked at at your end. My install has not changed and has been stable to date. Thanks for your help.



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I've been getting it too.  I just checked, I've got Dot.net 4.8 installed according to the tool.


I've sync'd a few times in the last day or so so that's not an issue.


Maybe it's something after updating to Windows 10 V2004?

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