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SoCal/NoCal flight log: Palm Springs to San Fransisco

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Hi all!


Just finished a flight in ZIBO's 737 from Palm Springs to San Fransisco. And my initial impressions from VFR flights in the TBM and SIAI-Marchetti were confirmed: this is such a stunning scenery, just amazing! Well done Orbx! It's certainly different looking down from FL340, but none the less beautiful.


This was one of those flights were everything just worked. I had a flight last night in the ZIBO to test things out - Fort Lauderdale to Key West using Orbx TE Florida. That flight was a mess! TrackIR was acting up, messing up the views, and all autopilot descent modes went completely bonkers in the ZIBO mod. It resulted in me flying a manual arrival and approach all the way from FL250 down to rwy 9 during nighttime. I made it down but it was quite exhausting!


Todays flight plan: 




Today, all the plugins cooperated like a fine-tuned orchestra. Departing Palm Springs 31L via the slightly challenging Cathedral 1 departure, the mountaneous terrain quickly revealed itself after takeoff. This SID from 31L requires a turning climb almost 180 degrees towards PSP Palm Springs VOR, outbound southeast 10 miles to EMRUD intersection, then another 180 degree turn back towards PSP. It certainly brings the aircraft quickly up to altitude, avoiding those mountains.












Then it's business as usual for the rest of the climb to FL340, towards Palmdale VOR... 






...then a northwesterly route towards Big Sur VOR, which marks the beginning of the Big Sur 3 STAR.






The ATIS at KSFO reported winds 150 at 5, a cloud base at 1100', good visibility and 28L available for arrival. Descending through the cloud layers, those annoying cloud shadow bugs in 11.50 beta 6 became really noticeable.






This wall of clouds does look a bit strange, don't you think? :wacko: Some Active Sky anomaly perhaps. 




Then came the reward: breaking out underneath the cloud base on final approach ILS 28L and San Fransisco Intl and the surrounding metropolitan area revealed itself in all its glory!



And the frame rates: +30 fps all the way down to the numbers, and they kept up for the remainder of the session!! Go Vulkan!







All in all a VERY rewarding flight :D Thanks Orbx, thanks Laminar and thanks ZIBO for giving us all of this!


X-Plane 11.50 beta 6

Orbx TE Southern California

Orbx TE Northern California

KPSP Palm Springs International 1.0.4 by Flyfree Productions

KSFO San Francisco International Airport 2.01 by MisterX6

Airport Environment HD 2.13 by MisterX6

Boeing 737-800 version 3.40.27  by ZIBO

Active Sky XP 7414

Traffic Global 1.0.9113

X-Camera 2.4 Beta 17

TrackIR 5.4






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Thanks Iain, Jack, VH-KDK and Eberhard for your feedback! Good to know I’m not the only one with the wonky cloud phenomenon :)

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