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resolved KBWC NOTAM: Runway in need of service. No landings permitted until further notice

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Hi there


Went down to the SE corner of SoCal on launch day yesterday, and found out (the hard way) that the runway at Brawley Mun is in desperate need of some service. 


Just before touching down on 26, I noticed (too late) that there's some significant bumps in the rwy.



This resulted in an uncontrolled (and highly unwanted) trip skywards after touchdown. Unfortunately I was not able to regain control of the aircraft, which met with Mother Earth once more in a brutal way. 



The repairs to the TBM was significant, to put it mildly. I was lucky to pull myself out of the burning wreckage alive, against all odds. Sorry about your TBM, Steveo… 




I have "runway follow terrain contours" ticked in XP settings. Runway seems equally bumpy with this unticked. Also, I removed all "1302 flatten 1" in Custom Scenery\Global Airports\Earth nav data\apt.dat - it didn't have any effect.


Note to self: Please remember to check runway condition prior to landing.


Any suggestions?

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As you may be aware there are no airports in the TE series other than the default Laminar gateway airports. I am assuming therefore that it may well be the mesh in  SoCal that is contributing to the bump.

I have made a flattened copy of the default airport for you. Just unzip into your Custom scenery folder.

I have tested it and there are no bumps on the runway. No more scary landings and takeoffs:lol:



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Thanks Jon for the expeditious fix! Looks safe now :D Mesh issue does not seem an unlikely cause.






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