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Hi All,


P3D4.5...one or two aircraft in my hangar will move forward - slowly - when on the ground, when throttle is set at idle. Not a big problem - I know I can use the brakes or set parking brake...but I'd rather the plane stayed stationary when on idle. Is there a simple way to achieve this? Presumably it can be done by reducing slightly the plane's thrust/prop speed when throttle lever is set at minimum?


Any help/advice please?



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you could start with this setting in the aircraft.cfg file.


engine_type = 0                                 //0=Piston, 1=Jet, 2=None, 3=Helo-Turbine, 4=Rocket, 5=Turboprop
Engine.0 = -9.50, -11.3, -2.3                   //(feet) longitudinal, lateral, vertical distance from reference datum
Engine.1 = -9.50,  11.3, -2.3                   //(feet) longitudinal,lateral, vertical distance from reference datum
fuel_flow_scalar= 0.82 //adj. to 625 HP @5000 ft 80 USG/hr     //Fuel flow scalar
min_throttle_limit = 0.0                        //Minimum percent throttle.  Generally negative for turbine reverser
master_ignition_switch = 1                      //Master Ignition Switch

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