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noted Campbell River CYBL - Floating taxi markers

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The rectangular blocks for the taxiways at Campbell River are about 25' off the ground.  Not all, but most. 


Flew down from Bella Coola and the scenery was fantastic.  Had the new Pilot's Mesh and Weather software adding to your fantastic graphics.  P3DV5!  High settings on most graphic options.  Entire flight done above 57 fps.  Awesome!

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I think the same issue can be seen in BIKF (using OPEN-LC Europe) and I suppose I know the reason why ;)


Open-LC adds an overhauled (elevation corrected) airport in this case. The remains of the stock airport should not be visible of course.


Regarding the taxiway-signs Orbx added some exclusion rectangles around them, but of course these are referenced to the positions in P3D V4.


With the airport updates in P3D V5 some airports have been corrected and now these exclusion rectangles are not in the right place sometimes.


Here is one exemplary defintion of such an exclusion (for BIKF):


And here is the correspondig P3DV5 stock-taxiway-sign that should be excluded:



You can see, that this is slightly off and therefore will not exclude these taxiway signs.

The result is that these stock taxiway signs are floating above the runway because the stock airport is off several ft :lol:


Hopefully this can be corrected in a future update.






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In that Lawrence mentions taxiways at Campbell River, this would be a reference to CYBL Campbell River Airport which is included with Orbx PNW.  



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