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Hi, my order number is 5e84d41c81c6b


As I landed in WSS I saw this (see attached image).


Is there a solution to this?


I have not noticed any other anomolies in this scenery but I have had OOMs on a few occasions on approach to Friday Harbour - the only place I get them.


Products running at the time of the screen shot are PNW, Squamish, Friday Harbor, AI Shipping and BC Float Bases. I did try turning other things off except PNW and Friday Harbour and Verifying files for both as well. No joy.


Thanks in advance.



Friday Harbor WSS.png

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It's highly likely that your mesh is not set at the Orbx standard of 5 meters. This is a known issue at this location when another value is used and is due to the fact that the datum of the default marina model is located on a steep slope adjacent to the shoreline. So try the 5 meter mesh setting and let us know if that solves the issue.



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Excellent! At 10 meters the harbour looks great!




Should I be running ALL my Orbx products at 10 meter mesh resolution (FSX-SE) or just Friday Harbour?


I am just concerned that this may detract from the quality of the scenery (I confess I do not fully grasp how the resolution of the mesh works - I would have thought smaller number, better quality?).

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5 hours ago, Nick Cooper said:

It seems that there is a way to avoid this happening but it requires attention from the developer.

@Greg Jones




I'll investigate the cause of this but it's likely just a minor placement issue. In the meantime, I'd suggest keeping your resolution at 5m which is the standard across virtually all Orbx products.



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17 hours ago, Eagle Spirit said:

but can't find where I check/adjust mesh.

Hello Eagle

FSX - Settings - Customise

Settings Display - SCENERY - Mesh resolution

FSX mesh resolution.jpg

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TYVM Smudger,


I had forgotten about settings in P3D and was looking for a Friday Harbor folder to make adjustment. I eventually remembered the sim settings option. I'll check my settings today.


Regards, Eagle

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